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Image by Taylor Brandon
Image by Taylor Brandon

Asia Messianic Forum
GOA 2023

October 31 - November 1

About AMF

Asia Messianic Forum 2023

Asia Messianic Forum is a unique international conference of Asian Christians and Israeli Messianic Jews. Since 12 years ago, it has been going around Asian countries and AMF GOA in India will be the seventh conference.

Image by Dave Herring

Words From Organizer

We have been part of AMF network since 2011, and witnessed the power and blessings of this Forum. That's why we were happy to receive the flag in Bangkok in 2019. Since then, we have been preparing for the conference, then the pandemic broke out. So, we were forced to switch it to online and hosted the AMF webinar in 2021 from Goa. This was a preparation for the actual AMF in 2023 in India.
Our vision and purpose of this conference is as follows:

Image by Cole Keister

Vision For Asia Messianic Forum India

  • To impart the revelation and the importance of Israel and the Jewish people to the Church.

  • To bring sound theological and Bible-based teachings on this subject.

  • To fellowship with the Lord and with each other.

Please find the details on this web site and get connected. We welcome all of you!

Vision of The Organizer

WOW International is a ministry with a commitment to praying for Israel, sharing the revelation of God's love for Israel with the Church, and spreading the message of Yeshua to the Jewish community and then to the Gentiles.

It is our honor to carry out the important task of sharing Israel's message with the Christian community in India and beyond. We are humbled to have been led by God to raise watchmen, as mentioned in Isaiah 62:6,7, and inspire the church to align with Israel. We are confident that this alignment will play a significant role in fulfilling the Great Commission.

​As we eagerly await the arrival of Christ, we feel the Spirit guiding us toward a deeper understanding of the messianic movement that is emerging worldwide. Our goal is to connect the body of Christ with this movement.

We have been inspired by our vision to hold the AMF event in India this year. We believe this is a strategic move to unlock the end-time harvest that many in the body of Christ are anticipating in India. Our conviction is that keeping Israel in its God-ordained place is the missing key to unlocking the destiny and purposes of the Lord for the nations. The prophetic destiny of India depends on our choice to stand with Israel and align ourselves with the roots of faith in Yeshua.

The Asia Messianic Forum is a movement that originated in Japan and is now expanding to other regions in the east. Our goal is to unite believers who love Israel and connect them with the messianic community in Israel. This community is made up of Jewish and Gentile followers of Yeshua (Ephesians 2:15) who come together to bless Israel.

Our partnership with AMF has been longstanding, and the opportunity to host the AMF Conference in India had presented itself. We patiently waited for divine guidance and timing. In 2019, we received direction from the Lord to take on the challenge of hosting the Messianic Conference in India in August 2021. However, due to the Covid pandemic, we were compelled to switch to an online webinar. We are grateful that over 600 attendees joined us from across Asia daily, and it was reported that 2000 individuals watched the live webinar through other media platforms. This year, we seek the Lord's guidance and direction, trusting that His glory will be revealed in the fulfillment of His vision.

The theme the Lord gave us for this year's AMF Conference is “Watchmen on the Walls of Jerusalem” taken from Isaiah 62:6. 

History and Vision of AMF

Beginning of AMF

In 2009, the Israeli Messianic Leaders proposed the idea of the first Asia Messianic Forum, which was held in Japan. Prior to this conference, they did not have any connections with fellow Christian believers in Asia. However, this gathering facilitated their connection with like-minded individuals from other Asian countries.

Vision of One New Man (Eph 2:15)

We are overjoyed to announce that our Jewish brothers and sisters, who have been separated from us for over two thousand years, are now being restored into the Body of the Messiah (the church). We have gathered here to share this message with as many Christians as possible. It is important to remember that our Jewish brethren once welcomed the Gentile brethren (Acts 15), and now it is our time to show our gratitude and embrace them back into our community (Romans 11).


Development of AMF

Due to its success, we chose to hold the forum biennially. The inaugural forum was attended by Christian representatives from Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan. The second forum, hosted jointly by Korean and Japanese believers, took place in 2011. A flag for the Asia Messianic Forum was created and a flag handing-over ceremony was performed at every subsequent forum. 

The third Forum took place in Singapore in 2013, followed by the fourth in Manila, the Philippines in 2015, and the fifth in Hsinchu, Taiwan in 2017. The sixth Forum was held in Bangkok, Thailand in 2019, after which representatives from Goa, India received the flag.


Image by Cole Keister

AMF Registration

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